Thanks for stopping by I’m Shawn and my long time music industry handle is Shootie HG. I have many personal passion music projects and I am a work for hire for feature films, video game soundtracks, and anything that tickles my fancy. Feel free to contact me if you have a project that is in need of music, or if you have a question about one of my existing projects. Rock on \m/

photo by Wes Marsala
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New Merch

New Shootie merch with blue logo just in. Hoodies, t-shirts, and girl crew shirts. If you're interested, grab your size while it's available. I typically do low quantity merch orders and certain sizes will sell quickly. There is some red logo merch still available,...

Site Under Construction

I'm getting close to finishing my sight. You may see some missing content, draft materials, or even typoes. When this update disappears and you don't see what you're looking for, just send me a message. Thanks for stopping by!